Please select Forms/Applications in the menu at the bottom of the page to apply to foster or adopt one of our animals.

A volunteer will review your application to ensure the dog or cat you have chosen is a good fit for your family. We receive multiple applications for the same dog or cat and it is our intent to ensure the best placement for both you and the dog or cat. If we feel the dog or cat you are interested in will not be the right fit, we are always happy to work with you to find the perfect addition to your family. 

After reviewing your application we will speak to your veterinarian to confirm your current and previous pets are up to date on vaccinations and have been on regular heartworm preventative. We will also contact your references.

Approved applicants will receive a phone call from our coordinator/volunteer to set up a meet & greet. We will then bring the dog or cat to your home to ensure this is a good fit for ALL family members (including other pets and children if you have them.)

All adoption fees are payable the day the contract is finalized.
Please note our adoption fees are as follows:
Puppies 6 months and younger - $300.00
Young adults 7 months-6 years - $250.00
Adults-Seniors 7 years+ - $175.00

Cats 7 months and older - $100

Kittens 2 months to 6 months - $150 or $275 for a pair


Kittens need interaction with other kittens for healthy social development. For that reason, preference will be given to homes adopting two kittens at the same time (they don’t have to be littermates) or to homes with relatively young, friendly cats already in the home. Kitten adoption fees are $150 for one or $275 for two.

By submitting this application there is no guarantee that we will place a dog or cat with you.

PLEASE use your LEGAL NAME  on applications; using a nickname could cause your application to be denied
We only adopt to families within 50 miles of St. Louis, MO .
Applicants must be at least 20 years old.
Household pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered unless your vet can provide a medical reason they are not.
Any applicant found to be lying on their application will be denied.
We do not have a shelter. We are foster based only. You must have an approved application in order to arrange a time to meet the animal.

NOTE: If you have a common last name, please provide your middle name or initial to expedite processing of your application; applies to all applications (cat adoption, dog adoption, foster or volunteers too). Thank You